This is the oldest quay in Vånevik. It was here that the quarrying began in the 1870s.  Älvehult is an area with one large quarry, several minor ones and a quay. The German company Kessel & Röhl leased the land from Captain Rudebeck in Älvehult.

Quarrying began near the water, since the stone was transported by boat. Most of the stone was exported.

Kessel & Röhl was the dominant company in Oskarshamn for 20 years. The company delivered granite to numerous public monuments in the period 1870 to 1890.


Älvehultsbrottet år 1875

Älvehultsbrottet 1875

The large quarry Älvehultsbrottet has over eight meters high fracture edges. You can still see traces of the railway between the quarry and the quay. Along the way large amounts of scrap stone have been deposited.