Näset: Stora stenbrottet


Stora stenbrottet på Näset.

Näset, 3 km north of Vånevik, has a number of small, medium and large quarries.

The stonemasons came to Näset from Vånevik in the 1890s. The larger quarrying was started by Carl Schylanders Granitaktiebolag. Schylander began as a manager in a German stone company before he became the owner of several quarries. Schylander’s company was taken over by AB Förenade Granitindustrier  in 1917. At most, 200 men were employed here.

The typical stone is red coarse-grained granite with blue quartz and feldspar crystals. The production included building stone paving and curb. In the surroundings you can see remains of workshops and quays.

Look for “vargar” (in English: wolfs). No, not the predator! Vargar is the Swedish name for failed stones.

Stockholms konserthus.

The Stockholm Concert Hall.

A major order was performed here: The Stockholm Concert Hall. The job lasted for two years, 1923-24.