Södra kajen


This is one of the area’s seven quays for uploading of stone. At the quay and along the road towards the bay, the company Kessel & Röhl had a workplace with a smithy and workshops. The stone for Tjolöholm castle in Halland was cut here. This work employed about 400 men at the turn of the century.

Tjolöholms slott

Tjolöholm castle.

Several of the larger stone firms had German owners. The activity in Vånevik increased steady from the 1870s to the year 1903. After that the stone industri was hit by repeated economic crises.

During World War II, Adolf Hitler planned to replace Berlin with a capital called Germania. In 1941 Germany made an order of large amounts of granite from Småland. From 1943 the stone could no longer be shipped to Germany, and was stored in Sweden. But just a few days before the German collapse in April 1945 the last payment was sent from Berlin.


Watch Hitler’s plan of a capital called Germania.